Listening Notes, Ultra-Brief: So Long

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This is just a great big thank you to anybody and everybody who took some time to seek out or simply stumbled upon what I've been posting on a regular basis since the summer of 2011, when I moved my semi-regular old blog Cerebral Decanting over to Cerebral Decanting on Tumblr and began focusing less on essays and more on short (original) reviews and aggregation of interesting (non-original) essays, later bouncing everything over to this great Odyshape project with a group of talented and committed music writers.

My Wednesday music reviews feature "Listening Notes, Ultra-Brief" in particular took off in a way I'm quite proud of, eventually encompassing 140 columns, starting with the truly ultra-brief entry for late June 2011 (recs for Lee Perry/Bill Laswell, a sneer for Chad VanGaalen - still seems right to me), and all the way to early August's #140 (recs for Soul Jazz punk-era comps and no sneers at all, sneers having come to seem far less important in the grand scheme of things over the past few years). The column didn't really come into its own until about #13 (September 2011, recs for Withered Hand and a David Rodigan mix), and started to reap serious dividends come late summer 2012 (#58, in which Dirty Projectors were cheered), at which point non-blog work began slowly trickling my way (starting with SPIN, eventually moving over to Rhapsody). What began as a mental diversion for a full-time parent became a regular gig for a (still) full-time parent. Funny how these things work out.

I've now reached the point where my paying writing gigs swallow up most of the time and mental bandwidth I used to set aside for pleasure blogging. Which means it's time to reclaim some of that time and mental bandwidth by setting aside the pleasure blogging for a while. This is quite bittersweet.

Again, thanks so much for reading - it always made my day (or week) to hear from somebody who wanted me to know they'd read something of mine the other day or the other week or even last month. The pleasure has been all mine. And you'll still see my thoughts appearing here and there in the pop crit landscape.