All Day? More Like All Year, Pal.

Maybe it’s because the Steelers were conned yesterday out of a cinderella playoff bid by cationic refereeing; or that I’ve been back in tahn for the holidays a few weeks now; or that I recently saw the excellent Anchorman 2(“Go fuck yourself, San Diego”); or that 2013’s only odds-on favorite for AOTY now has less than 24-hours to bring Yeezus back to earth… whatever it is, I’m in a Pittsburgh and Gregg Gillis state of mind (I know that joke doesn’t work with a city or a human being).

And to that end, excuse me while I piece together a bunch of diffuse quotes (the pussy academic I am, I’ll cite my sources): in spite (in fact because) of the fact Feed The Animals and All Day sound kinda like those “old K-Tel albums” (the other dude said this once, though like the man himself - the exact context eludes the grasp like so much sand) “if stolen party music can be deep, which in his shallow way is what Greg [sic, Gregg] Gillis believes” (Robert Christgau in his All DayA-grade review), it earns its depth in allowing us “to love songs and melodies we hate in their original contexts” (Jacob Rudolph Bailis - paraphrased from one of his hysterical Facebook status updates). Seriously, “when was the last time, or even the first time, you shook your ass to some Radiohead or The Band - let alone at once?” (Benjamin Franklin in that weird short story about gout).

Also, his unabashed nerdisms (pic in question) and hometown biases are endearingly human for a genius who hides altogether unseen behind ten thousand pop historical abstracts. He’s my artist of the tens (let’s see if sneaky imp Miguel can follow up last year’s sex magic) because he’s an obsessive amateur and fan before he’s anything like an artist. Just like this blog; or Childish Gambino and ?uestlove; or every Twitter/YouTube bred comedian ie Rob Delaney; or the president.

Which is why #brokenankles confuses the hell out of me.

my album with @Phillyfreezer will be out early 2014! details will drop when we finalize everything #BrokenAnkles

— Gregg Gillis (@girltalk)
December 5, 2013

Is this the 2013 project delayed a few months, or was said project put on hold because of this… collab with goofy eccentric almost-was Freeway? Girl Talk, the producer? Or… Girl Way (Free Talk?) the new band? Gillis confirms in recent interviews that A. the new record is a departure from the sample slide rule template but that B no, it does not feature (and no future project ever will feature) original recordings. So unless Freeway sat in the studio with a blunt while Gillis mixed all his old songs (see: video above), this record is a lie.

A lie that’s my odds-on 2014 AOTY - because Jacob’s right, Freeway probably works mighty fine running parallel to, say, “Highway 61 Revisited.” I’ll let you know the second it drops. In the meantime, enjoy the other drop set to happen in… 19 hours, 23 minutes and 25 seconds. Be good. See you in 2014.