Announcing: 2014 EW Pazz & Jop

Hey everyone. Nicky here. Finishing up my last term of grad school. Enjoying a beer now that I've submitted one of three remaining final papers, listening to the new Iceage album because I hate my life, and writing this post to remind you that is hosting this year's Expert Witness Pazz & Jop poll. 

The rules and procedures are enumerated below: 

1. Submit your ten favorite albums from 2014. Albums that debuted late-2013, like Beyoncé's self-titled surprise, will be considered for qualification. Albums you personally discovered in 2014, like Sgt. Peppers or Philosophy of the World, will not. 

2. Rank these albums from 1-10, from best to slightly less best. 

3. Divide 100 quality points among those ten albums. No album can garner more than 30 points, and no album is worth less than 5 points. You are permitted to assign negative point values only in the unlikely event that the FKA Twigs album appears on your list. 

4. Submit your ten favorite songs from 2014. Like albums, songs that debuted in late-2013 qualify. Songs new to you, like Kissed By A Rose, do not. 

5. Do order these songs from 1-10, or from best to slightly less best. 

6. Do not assign point values to these songs. We don't care. 

7. Do include glib commentary, like quotes and summaries, along with your ballots. The funniest, most insightful, most ridiculous - these I will highlight in the concluding post. 

8. Submit ballots to beginning December 26, 2014, or Boxing Day for you Canadians and miscellaneous foreigners we allow to hang around (looking at you, Brad and Graham). 

9. Polling closes New Year's Eve, right around the time the ball drops. 

10. Disregard any of the preceding rules at your own peril. Remember, I know where you live. 

I will do my best to publish the results by New Years Day, permitting general health and sobriety.