Welcome to Odyshape

Holy cow what’s Odyshape? A regular space for writing by a couple of people whose lives are informed and influenced by music is what. The boundaries for content here are not intended to be well defined but we hope you occasionally find something that appeals to you or provokes you or enrages you. For right now, we should be posting twice weekly.

Why Odyshape? Well, Odyshape is the name of a shambolic post-punk album by the Raincoats that is obscure and highly regarded in about equal proportions. Which I guess speaks to our ambitions here. In an interview with Amelia’s Magazine, arty bassist Gina Burch said that Odyshape was “a pun on the odyssey of the body. The idea that a body could have an ideal shape and it if did, what happens when a body doesn’t live up to that ideal.”

Exchange “music blog” for “body”, and perhaps this is what our Odyshape will be all about, with lessened ambitions emphasized. At the same time, I don’t think there is ever a bad time to be pro-feminist, pro-struggle, pro-DIY, so evoking the Raincoats and Rough Trade Records and everything that they and their peers talk about is intentional. Doesn’t mean that this is all backward-looking though. I mean, my next post is about something that’s not even happened yet. Be good.