This would be an entry about Bud Powell, except my torrent is going at a snail’s pace. Q: If you’ve converted your vinyl to a FLAC file, you must have a little bit of money lying around – so why in the world do you have DSL? And another thing — isn’t The Amazing Bud Powell available on CD?

I listened to the new Camper van Beethoven on the train today. I first heard the band in college through my first roommate Bill J., who played them incessantly. I wasn’t sophisticated enough to appreciate them then, but “Take the Skinheads Bowling” was unavoidable, and two of their melodies have stuck with me forever: the chorus of “Never Go Back” and the indelible violin line that hooks “She Divines Water” (I also love that first line: “How can I believe that everything in this world is going to be fine?”). Both of those are on Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart, which I barely remember other than those two songs and “Life is Grand.” David Lowery seems more low-key, less of a yelper this time around, and the music has a nice southwestern flavor (the title is “La Costa Perdida,” which translates into “The Coast of the Damned,” which I can only assume is a joke on Bethany Cosentino). One track stood out:“Come Down the Coast,” in which David serenades various hotties with Latina names to come visit him, the kicker being “come down the coast,” which when I thought about it sounded strangely phrased, until I realized it only means Dave’s got a swanky pad in Cabo.

Came home and heard Yo La’s I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One, their “career album” as Christgau described it. I remember when I read the review in the Voice, spreading out the paper in front of me in Jerry’s Deli, my ex-girlfriend Alison right across from me. This would be early 1997, perhaps March — it was after Valentine’s Day, I remember.  We were about a month into our relationship, and things were happening quickly. I had already heard the record; this review basically confirmed everything I had heard for myself already; I was already in love. Yet more importantly, I was falling for Alison, and there I was paying more attention to a goddamn record review than her. Funny the things you remember. I highly doubt she remembers that the way I do, if she remembers that at all. But “Autumn Sweater” was our song.