I should be writing something concrete – you know, an actual graf – but I find myself putting away a few Honorable Mentions and Duds.  One song that actually impressed me on the West of Memphis soundtrack (mostly comprised of covers) was Natalie Maines’ “Mother,” which was so startling that I didn’t realize until toward the end that she was covering the Pink Floyd song from The Wall.  She actually made the song sound humane.  Imagine that.  Otherwise, Lucinda Williams takes away my joy, Johnny Depp rides into town with Mumford & Sons, plus filler, filler, and more filler.  Damien Echols, often referred to by journalists as the most “charismatic” of the West Memphis Three (do death row inmates have publicists?) reads two of his letters over Nick Cave piano-noodling.  Makes me wonder about his recently-released book Life After Death, which we’re selling at the bookstore.

The craziest thing just happened to me: I realized that “Imagine” is John Lennon’s answer song to “Let it Be.”  McCartney’s philosophy is to accept things how they are while hoping things change, while Lennon’s is to “imagine” a better world into action.  Both are also “hymns,” faux-spirituals, in the key of C.  That can’t be a coincidence.