I’m not the kind of person who comes to a record with “high expectations” — or maybe I do, but I don’t let a record’s failure to meet those high expectations bother me that much.  Nevertheless, I was little bummed today when I my initial excitement over the History of Apple Pie’s Out of View (currently available as an import, on the UK imprint Marshall Teller) cooled after reading the lyrics.  Comprised mostly of monosyllabic words, they recall some Japanese pop I’ve heard — often those songs will be peppered with random English phrases, usually out of the middle of nowhere, and almost always insanely banal.  I didn’t want to use that as a joke in the column proper, because vocalist Stephanie Min is of Asian descent and is presumably at least second-generation English (I chanced upon her Linkedin page — in her other life she’s a professional business type, I guess).  Nevertheless, the temptation was strong.  This is the first verse and chorus of “You’re So Cool” : 

I woke up and everything’s alright
So I go back to turn off the bedroom light
And you’re there - fast asleep
Remember the great day that we shared
And the flower you gave me to put in my hair
You’re so sweet (oh so sweet)

I’m in love
Yeah, so in love with you
We’re having so much fun
In the light of the sun
You’re so cool

And this was apparently a hit single in Britain!  The stronger cuts on the record (the first three: “Tug,” “See You,” and “Mallory”) all suffer from a similar cutesy-wootsy approach, but you don’t care so much because Jerome Watson’s guitar is so goddamn anthemic.  

My final analysis: “Sonic Youth plays your junior prom.” At least I got a good joke out of it.  Hope that will sum them up for the curious.  

By a strange coincidence, the band the Apple Pie gang emulate (and here’s another band with an inane moniker), My Bloody Valentine, dropped a record yesterday that  I still haven’t heard.  Guess I’ll pop that on before I go to bed.  Wendy has the flu, and this Joseph Smith bio (the famous Fawn Brodie one) has me fucking riveted.